Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DT entries

Good morning everybody.  Wow!  Over a month since i've updated this i ever stink at this lol!
These are the two LO's i've recently finished for our LSS design team.  They gave me lots of echo park playground fun.  
One of our boys recently lost a bunch of teeth.  I always get a kick out of his little toothless smile.  It was begging to be scrapped :)

And amidst all the rain and cold damp weather we did have at least one warm sunny day.  The boys seized the opportunity to sport their superhero get-ups and keep our yard safe.  I really like this LO.  All in all i really enjoyed working with this line.  Very colorful and versatile :)

Hope everyone had a great april and is enjoying their spring.  Hopefully my next entry won't be waiting until July ;)

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  1. What great scrapbook definatly have some cuties for your subject matter!


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