Thursday, February 4, 2010

My attempt at home decor :)

We've just moved into our first home ( yay! ), but, i have to admit...things are looking a little bare. I'm sure this is something all new home owners experience...especially when upgrading. Anyway, i seen this little project while surfing awhile ago...and well, the cricut manages to do amazing things :)
Very simply project...I picked up some small tea light votive holder from the craft section ($1 each ) and used my george cartridge on the slot setting. I backed it with vellum and tied it with sisal. All in all, took maybe 20 minutes? And all for under $10... i didn't think that was bad at all :)
I made an alternative set for our guest room where the holders were a little bigger. I cut out letters spelling "RELAX" in vinyl ( using my storybook cartridge ) and centered them on the holders. Then I bought frosting spray ( I'm not sure if that's the technical name or not ) but they look pretty too...I'll have to picture up those ones too...just need more tea lights :)

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